Career Puberty. Gross.

Being a woman in my thirties is weird enough. I’m not married and I don’t have kids. So, you know, I’m “different.” I live downtown instead of the suburbs and I like to stay busy at concerts, tailgates, happy hours, networking events, and dinners out. Inside, I still feel like I’m 22. But I know I’ve accomplished and learned[…]

No, I Can’t Do That for Free

Sorry not sorry? I don’t mean to sound harsh, ungrateful, pompous, or greedy, but I’m taking the “free” out of “freelancer.” Being a freelancer/contractor doesn’t mean I suddenly started working for free. If anything, it means I had to put an immediate end to “friend pricing.” Don’t hate me. I had a good salary at my[…]

The Real Resolutions You Should Make for 2016. And Always.

No bullshit. Just realness.   Work your ass off and accomplish goals. Stop making excuses. There are 24 hours in a day. Only 8 of that is for sleeping (if you’re lucky). Yeah, yeah. Commute this, dinner that. I get it. You have responsibilities. But you need time to do things for yourself. Things to[…]