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Yep, that’s me right there. You can’t tell because I’m not wearing one, but I look pretty terrible in hats. Except for the metaphorical user hat—that one always fits just right on my head. I suppose maybe my head is size one-size-fits-all-user-hats? (The kid looks great in any hats, in case you were wondering.)

User experience is a passion I didn’t have a label for early in my career. I continually found myself striving to write technical content that was easy for anyone to understand, regardless of their savviness. My ads focused on benefit-driven copy to elicit a conversion. And my product copy always worked hard to make the process seem straightforward (even if it wasn’t, yikes).

I’ve fought the good fight for UX for years, and it’s fulfilling—more fulfilling than writing “punchy” headlines (although, damn, do I love that). My job is to ensure a product or service is easy to navigate, information is clear and concise, and — at its best — brings the user along on a really fun, helpful, or emotional ride.

Gone are the days of writing for and developing a product in siloed teams. Prioritizing features based on internal objectives seems like ancient history. Now is the age of user journey-focused products and roadmaps. What a time to be alive!

I’ve been on all sides of the business—organizational, creative, and strategic. I’ve led teams of creatives, developers, and strategists. I’ve implemented culture-building practices as well as processes into businesses. But my sweet spot is where strategy, design, and content intersect — the spot that really moves the needle. You can call me a content designer, a UX writer, or a copywriter. Whatever the title, I’m just into delightfully easy and engaging user experiences.